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Should exhaust valve leak? Pictures attached..

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When I removed the exhaust manifold from my 2.5L petrol 17H motor today I looked inside the block into the exhaust valve area and noticed that one of them is full of what looks like wet oil, and the others are much more dry.  Reference the pictures below, ("exh valve.jpg" is the wet valve, "exh valve(1).jpg" is the dry valve) but is it normal for oil to leak down into the exhaust ports around the valves?  If that's not normal, what do you think would cause that and how could I fix it?

exh valve.jpg

exh valve (1).jpg

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Valve oil seal worn.  Cylinder head gasket kits often come with new ones- little cylindrical seals, use a valve spring compressor tool to compress valve spring enough to remove the collet and withdraw the valve (can buy one at halfords)

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