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Fuel line question & a problem


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hello all,

Lately I had thoughts to upgrade & improve the fuel/water separator (sedimator) in my TDI300 110. I selected a Racor type from the 200 series & modified the pipeline ends form BSP into 1/4" NPT. The Racor unit should go instead of the original unit – right out the rear diesel fuel tank.

When I finished installing all correct I started the engine and all seemed to go O.K. but after one minute the Racor unit O-ring blasted one & a spray shower of diesel fuel covered all area (including me); at start I though the maybe the O-ring or the bottom cover wasn't tight so I rechecked all & tried again. And then it came another time (not on me this time).

Temporarily stage, I'm on a bypass without a separator at all.

1. What is the reason I have positive pressure at this pipe line right outside the fuel tank? Isn’t it should be suction line through the lift pump that located at the engine bay?

2. If I should have a pressure over there, what are the pressure rates & flow rates (TDI300)?


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