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Will a 109 chassis fit in a lwb Sprinter?

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I pick my chassis up from Richards chassis next week and I may be able to borrow a lwb sprinter.


the chassis is 4370cm long and 152cm wide per the old one

looks like from online that the sprinters are either 4300 or 4700 long. It would go diagonally on it's side if the shorter measurement is correct. Does anyone for see any problems in transporting it that way?

will have to measure the sprinter if it is an option but thought someone on here may have collected one in a van before.

otherwise it is the RR and trailer which will make things a pain to secure overnight.




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I've seen a richards chassis be delivered in a LWB van, stacked on it's side. They did have a van full of them tho. so weight distribution wasn't all over one side.

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