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P38 'short nose' diff fits RRC/D1 axle housing?

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i have a P38 rear diff with a Trutrac installed. 

I have reinforced half shafts for D1 24 spline rear

i have a Def 130 with bone stock rear disc brake salisbury

I have both 1990-ish RRC axles and 1998-ish D1 axles


Could i fit the p38 diff into an RRC axle casing?

if i weld reinforcing steel onto top and bottom off RRC rear axle casing and use trutrac centre in short nose diff casing and reinforced half shafts, would i have made an improve,ent in dursbility over bone stock salisbury? To be honest the salisbury has Britpart halfshafts and HD drive flanges. 




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Simple answer is "NO" :D


Completely differing units, and as sussed will not fit a Long Nose axle. Cutting and rewelding the mounting ring is a seriously bad idea - just the smallest bit out and you'll have serious problems.


Swapping axle tube and diff over is a better route ... but widths are different, so front will have narrower track than new rear 



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ive had one of these short nose diffs in the shed for ages an was unsure what it was as it was different to the normal def/disco 24spline diff glad I stumbled across this

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