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2004 TD5 130 Air conditioning not working

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Hi all,

I'm having a few issues with the 130 aircon, it's a 2004 130 TD5 defender with the under dash AC unit. Currently I can not get it working, I've checked the obvious stuff like fuses and wiring. I'v connected diagnostics and could engage the compressor clutch from the relay, but not via the AC switch. It has gas so it should not be the pressure switch. I tested both switches and they are working fine. 

It has lost its lowest fan speed which made me think it was a fan resistor and I (with great difficulty) removed the resistor unit and tested both resistor coils and bother were good, I went to plug it back in and it only has three wires running to it, so one resistor coil does nothing? Is this standard? Maybe i'm completely wrong.

I have had a look through the forums and can't find anyone who has had a similar issue and want to get it sorted before a trip planned in August.

Thanks in advance for any help.






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does the system  have a thermostat or frost stat ? usually when the blower is energised the relay for the clutch coil will only be energised if cooling is required and/or the evap coil not frozen

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The three wire connector is the same as mine.

The three speeds will be no resistors, one resistor, and both resistors. So you only need three wires...a common feed, resistor A, and resistor B (which gives A+B)

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