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How to neutralize alum panel corrosion before paint?

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Like the title says, I'm getting to the body work on my 1988 D90 resto, and there is a little bit of surface corrosion on the rear aluminium body panels. Does anyone know the best method of treatment to neutralize the reaction prior to primer?  Or how have others tackled this problem in the past?  I'm planning to prime the entire body with a few coats of epoxy primer before moving on to high build primer/surfacer and then a basecoat/clearcoat finish. 


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When I painted 45 I sanded the corrosion areas both aluminium and steel, wiped with acetone then dabbed por15 over with a brush. Once dry a light flat back then a spray coat of super etch (etching filler primer good for tying to existing paint). A dab of filler here and there, more filler primer and 2k top coat. I did that in 2009, beat it into trees and swap in Russia and been off roading it ever since. It's held up well some has come back now but most the corrosion now is new not the existing.


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After removing as much of the powder as possible mechanically, I treated the exposed aluminium with Kurust.  It's not meant for aluminium, but seems to work adequately.  The important thing is to treat the back of the panel too - it usually occurs where steel is contacting the rear of the panel, and needs separating with a thin sheet of plastic if possible or a generous wax application of not.

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