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Modfying 8274s


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I am looking into the viablity of "shrinking" the drum, by this i mean reducing the diameter of the drum. A standard 8274 has a 3.5 inch drum, i want to go to to 2.5 inches. I understand i won't be able to use the existing drum bar the "ends" and that i'll have to have a new one machined up and welded in.

Anybody got any thoughts on it, or even better been there before.

All help most appreciated.

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Hello Mate,

I sell lengthened and or reduced diameter drums for 8274.

I also sell hardened mainshafts that do away with all problems with breakage and gets rid of that troublesome circlip.

Please pm for details and prices.

All the best

Jim :)

Ps: Yes they are the Bo**oxs!

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I'll be doing something simerlar to my 8274 soon (sworry I haven't been in touch, Jim, I've been a little busy with other projects.....

Rob Hybrid on the forum has also made a reduced diameter drum (at 2"). If you go to the trouble of reducing the diameter, go longer too. The big problem is getting the right wall thickness of tube, when I did the sums I worked out you'd want a wall thickness of about 10mm. Not easy to find! That's why I'll be getting Jim to make mine; for the price its not worth me doing it myself! :D

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That thread took some reading!!!!!! Very interesting though,

I am plannng on going wider, about a 16" wide drum is the target.

I was also planning on going for a 6hp warn motor, Would be interested in hearing everybody elses opinion.

I may even have a go at making a new motor housing to use 2 motors.

I am going to completly do away with the standard braking system and just use a hydraulic disc at the drum end like pauls.

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DD, I've run a 6hp motor for about 6 months and its superb. Its fast and torquey. The only thing you need to do is run it in for a while. The bearings seem to have quite a lot of resistance when new; I noticed a drop in no load line speed when I fitted it. Now I've done a few events its a lot better.

Personally I wouldn't go as long as 16". I'm looking at 12.5" (about a 50% increase) with a 2" diameter centre. With that its long enough that you can put you can get 150" of 11mm rope on the drum on one half so you can do a first layer pull even close to the vehicle.

With the brake, I'd keep the standard one as it works pretty well most of the time. Give it a rebuild with the genuine brake kit when you do the drum. If you only have a manual brake you could run into problems with the motor over running when lowering out or taking tension off the cable. The extra brake is only really needed on big decents (to take the strain off the standard brake) and its also useful to stop the winch over run when you stop powering out.

I don't know of any double motor 8274s in the UK although there are a few abroad. Its a bit overkill IMHO. It'll make a very heavy winch and a well set up single motor winch with a vehicle with an autobox (for better drive assist) you should be OK 99% of the time. Also with a double motor setup you could end up drawing close to 1000 amps at high loads. If you do have problems, just get a snatch block out. Jims the person to talk to, he's very clever when it comes to 8274s, his is truelly awesome :D

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i am building a twin motor 8274 now the problems are as follows

bought 2 new 8274`s striped them down to there casings this is the fun part the winch ends can ethier be 23"apart end of case to end of case this helps with replacing motors but makes the drum very wide and when at full load you run the risk of spliting the end casings when pulling at the center of the drum

the other option is to turn the one holding the rear motor at more of a angle so you can change the motors but you end up with the same rope as a single motor 8274

mine will be using albrights and 24volt 6hp bow motors most of the time and if i fancy a weekend of fast winching i will use 12volt motors on the 24volt charging system which should make it linford christe mode :D

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Love to see some photos if you have any?????

Wot car is going to have the honour of that lot up front...? :D

I have got to ask as to the reasons you have gone this route?(It's a jealous thing)

I am not taking the tiddle,

I have considered this route in the past but seemed overkill for any defender type vehicle once i'd got it down on paper

What size alternater have you opted for in the end?

And are you using smaller faster motors with less load or big 6hp+ with heavy draw?

And YES am really intrested,

Please PM if you wish.

All the best with the project

Jim :)

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there is an orange G wagen running arround in the competition circuit than runs twin motor 8274 it is baisically 2 8274 ends fastened facing each other with the drum inbetween joining them together.

As I cant remember being in a situation where my 8274 wasnt capable of pulling me out by single line pull with drive assist I cant realy see the point in buying an extra 8274 to put on the front.

Better off using it on the back.

If an 8274 cant pull you out with drive assist I recomend you ask for some advice on driving/winching.

P.S. I dont know exactly how much current a single 6hp motor draws at full load (400 ish) but what battery banks and alternator must you be running to cope with 2.

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its being fitted to a front of a 90

if you inrested the 90 has had a bit of a rebuild list as follows

old man emu springs /shocks and stearing damper

2.8 hs tdi with allisport intercooler and rad oh yes and propane assist(mmmm gas)

d44 cranked radius arms qt front arms castor correction

poly bushed

4 no optima yellow tops

light force lights 4 front 2 rear(thanks diesal jim for your wireing)

twin 3"snorkles going to a itg filter

basin rovers 4.1 rps

maxi drive diffs and shafts

waiting for some shinny bits from ashcroft

mach 5`s with simex

hand made fuel tank in back so that winch batts are under drivers seat

disk hand break

and the winches are bow moter 24volts double the volts half the amps 100amp 24volt alternater twin yellow top batts 12mm bow rope

rear 8274 braced and running same motor as the front and 12mm bow rope

main system 12volt

willing to help just ask

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