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Hi Folks,

Noticed that there is a slow but steady drip of oil coming from under our Defender - 300 Tdi

Seems to be coming from as shown in the image.

Normal, some seal needs replacing other helpful thoughts?

Many Thanks,



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Oil drips from other parts of the Land Rover tends to be deposited in that area by the turbulent winds when driving.

Use the colour of the oil and its smell to narrow down the possible sources.

A thorough cleaning of the enginecompartment and the gearboxes etc. followed by a very short drive might also reveal the source. You have to stop and look for leaks before the oil is carried all around the underside by the turbulent winds.



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I've been working my way through oil leaks and finally managed to stop them, all but one from the transfer box. 

Could be working it's way down as tychoS said. Give it a clean as best you can, let it run and lay under it. See if you can spot the source, it might be working it's way round the bellhousing down to the area in your picture. 


Good luck !! 

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