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Install crankshaft thrust washers which way?

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In the middle of a 2.5 Petrol (17H model engine) rebuild, and I'm going to install the crankshaft soon but I am confused which way the thrust bearings should be inserted on the middle crankshaft bearing.  The manual says "install the thrust washers so the notches face the bearing."  Which bearing? Does that mean the notches in the thrust washers should face towards each other, i.e. towards the engine block and the crankshaft bearing shell or should they face away from each other, i.e. towards the crankshaft?  I thought it made sense that the notches in the thrust washers should face away from each others because that is the face that will rub against the turning crankshaft.  Thanks for the assist.

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As I understand it, you are correct. Those notches are to allow oil to pass into the bearing surface therfore they should face outwards away from the main bearing housing they sit in so that the notched side is in contact with the rotating crankshaft.

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