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Loss of brake fluid


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Out reccying a tresure hunt yesterday and we stopped in the village of Pewsey in Wiltshire for some lunch. Came back to the Landrover after and started the engine but the brake warning light stayed on. I checked the fluid and it was indeed low. I noticed a garage on my way onto Pewsey so I went back there and bought 250ml of Brake fluid for £8, bluddy £8! That makes £32/litre, about 50% more expensive than malt Whiskey! The reservoir took most of it too, greedy thing!

Last week I had to change the rear pads as the old ones were past their best and the grinding sound was starting to irritate me. This means that I had to push the pistons back into the calipers, thereby displacing fluid back into the reservoir. I imagine that this would have raised the level in the reservoir. The light had not been on previously so I assume that the level was within limits before I started.

Having done some miles in the 24h since topping it up, the level has not dropped any so I am at a loss as to where the fluid went to. Is it likely that a leak opened up, leaked some and then closed again just to infuriate me? Got any other explanations? I guess someone could have syphoned some while I was at lunch...


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You got a leak Chris. Look on the back of the rear brake back plate for signs of an embarrassing 'wet patch'. If not, remove the drum and lever the dust seal back on the wheel cylinders. look forward to your thread about replacing the cylinders and shoes on a 90.

Les. :lol:

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