Ex MOD Defender 110 Convoy light removal

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Cchase    9

When Defenders are sent to the MOD are the convoy light selector switches put in after-market or directly from the factory?

I have a 1995 ex MOD 110 that has had this switch removed and somewhat returned to normal. The headlights work from two console mounted switches added when the convoy light switch was removed.

There are some issues. There are no parking lights by themselves, rather all lights come on with either of the two switches and the dash lights are wired in with one of these switches and not with their own switch or rheostat. The headlightlight switches are the leftmost upper and lower in the photo.

So back to my original question... Were these trucks built with the convoy light switch at the factory or was it a normal Defender and the convoy light switch was added afterward?

There are parts of the main harness that are still functional as I was able to get a stalk mounted headlight switch to plug in and turn on the headlights (still with headlights in both the first and second positions).

The answer to this will hopefully shed some light on which wiring diagram I should be looking at. (Whomever did the conversion used red and white wiring...)




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