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Mark Farrell

Doors swap

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Hi I have a Pulse 130 ambulance which I'm converting to a campervan with the aim to travel from UK to Japan in 2019.

One of the things I would like to change are the doors, current ones have sliding opening windows and I would like to swap them for wind down type.

Is there a demand for the sliding type and if so any one want a swap?

I have also removed the air vents on either side and fitted twin snorkles instead, as I am trying to make it look less military looking as we will be travelling through some dodgy countries  I've got the two vents spare if anyone want them .



july 2017 090.JPG

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IIRC Doors are a straight swap BUT you will have to adapt the lower mirror mounting to allow the win up windows to clear the bolt tails inside the door, or use the longer mirror arms as fitted to the XD 110 hard & soft tops which have the side mounted spare wheel.

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