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Td5 OBD?

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Guest diesel_jim

Anyone here who uses rovacom/blackbox solutions/etc type stuff to read the ECU's on Td5's.... do you know what type of OBD protocol Lr's use?

i think it's either one of:

ISO9141-2 or J1850PWM..... :blink:

I fancy a project to build an OBD interface to lay with my Td5 (i don;t think i'll be able to change any of the ECU maps, but it'll be interesting to have a poke around anyway!) found some sites that i've downloaded various OBD software from, but i need to build a serial PC to OBD socket interface.

anyone got any good tips on this?

cheers! :D

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Guest diesel_jim
It's ISO (AFAIK all of the europena manufactuers are)

for good tools / free Sw look here: www.scantool.net

no you wont be able to touch the engine management. only read common fault codes & reset some.

Thanks HoSS! :D

so, how do the likes of rovacom etc manage to change engine management/alter injector codes/alarm settings etc, is it just the software that they use?

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OBDII (required standard on all euro cars made after 1995) has some standard required commands/codes. On top of that manufacturers add their own specific commands & codes, which can only be accessed by thier software.

the standard codes are quite good info, you can see all of the engine operating parameters, and see & (sometimes) reset common faults.

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