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Need a Product name for my newest product !

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I need to name this new product !

If you are the winner and I use the name you suggest win £100 worth of anything from my webshop !

  • Cannot be called "Mega" anything !
  • Looking for a name which will come up in serach engines
  • Already called the Pinion upgrade "Superflange"
  • Its a Ashlocker upgrade predominately - but also other lockers ie RD56 will be avaiable - so not JUST Ashlocker :( 
  • Best I can think of is "Ashlocker Upgrade" - Seriously lame ! 
  • As nobody knows it exists the name needs to be something that someone might search for ...and find.

Stuck ! - Fill your boots and come up with a product name please !!


I rememebr this was same issue with Si Rs Defender pedal assembly lock - someone here came up with the brilliant "X-Defend" :D 


Before I say "Taaalaaaa here it is" some info and background so you can both understand the idea and see why its a good upgrade !.

There are 2 x Things to consider on Land Rover Differentials.


1. What can make them more reliable ?

This covers things like our superflange, using the best Bearings setting up pinion heights, preload, backlash and run out to the highest standard etc, non of these things make for a stronger diff, but a more reliable diff.


2. What can make the Differential Stronger ?

Ah Ha ! Pegging it - massive strength increase, remaking parts out of stronger materials - ie our RD56 end flanges Soft casting vs EN34T Billet CNC machined, Stronger HD CW&Ps, Upgraded "Ears" giving more solid stronger lock on Adjuster rings etc etc

Then you reach a Point pretty much were we are / were which is the Ultra Spec Build, which we have be doing and modifying over the years with minor tweaks and changes always looking to improve.

But, many peeps are running 35s, and now 37 Inch tyres which as I have always said 37s are over the limit really for a LR axle how ever exotic a build, but I have numerous customers out there running our Ultra Build Diffs with 37s, so still haven't broken them, some will, some may never, but, as with a lot of Off Road events the strains are huge and breakages will occur, so any idea to make a diff stronger is always a good one !

So, bear with me.. Whatever you do when you "Upgrade" you Land Rover - especially differentials and drive train, means you move the weak point. In a Standard Axle, the No 1 weak point is the silly 2 Pin diff, add a locker and it moves to shafts, upgrade shafts it moves to CWP, HD CWP and pegging and HD shafts and so on and so on.

By far our Favourite Locker is the Ashlocker. However with a Competition Spec Unit, Say a Pegged Ashlocker, HD CW&P Upgraded Carrier Cap Bolts, upgraded Eras, Upgraded CW&P bolts + some 35-37s and a hard right foot and things still break.

What we are seeing now it the CW&P bolts hearing off, I have had one unit in with all 10 x sheared off !. This was a pig to sort and save the CW but we did, this got me thinking .

Simon Rafferty also gave me a interesting lesson on a Paradox called "Glass bolt Paradox" ... it goes like this ....

Steel, has a structural strength, there are differing types of grades o steel each one goes up in tensile strength. GLASS has a higher structural tensile strength than Steel, so why are bolts not made therefore out of glass ?

Because they would shatter. Simples. Yes, so think about half shafts

A standard half shaft will twist, A LOT, and then more and then snap cleanly. A HD shaft will take more before it snaps, but when it does it explodes !

CW&P Bolts, Hmmm. Standard are a poor grade steel, with a washer, they will stretch, and once they have they can easily unwind, don't forget the Centre is spinning, I have seen bolts unwind and then lathe into the casing wall !!

So, lets say a Standard Bolt is Grade 7. Grade 8.8 is classed as a Stand Bolt grade, 10.9 HD and then 12,.9 Super heavy duty. Washers we have played with and use some exotic units in our builds, but, and its a simple one 10 x 3/8 UNF bolts of ANY grade and any washers combo there is a problem or stretching and or shearing off

Use a low grade bolt i.e. 8.8 and it will stretch/ undo / shear some or all. Use a Super HD and it won't stretch, but it will if overloaded shear clean in half, x 10 if really given stick, and nothing in between.

I have been eduficated by a man who works for a Major bolt manufacturer, who has filled my poor warped little mind with a raft of technical info, rather then bore you to death, the key here is A. We are limited to the bolt size of 3/8 UNF as trying to drill out and retap a hardened CW is not going to happen . And B. We are always doing up the bolt (so as in tension) the bolt itself is acting in SHEAR

So, to hard a grade = shear to soft stretch shear undo.

So, this brings us up to date with today, and I am delighted to announce a Upgrade to Ashlockers, which are available through us. The ideas here is that we have CNC machined the end flange of the Ashlocker  adding 10 x Oval slots 10 x M5 threads and designed some nifty hard as hell special plates to allow us to put a LOWER grade 10.9 3/* 1.1/8 UNF CR6 Grade S bolt in with a Nordlock special washer torque up and then add a Shear locking plate so IF it stretches it does not undo.

Add this to all 10 x Bolts and now all Bolts are clamped in both tension and in shear :D

The plates are also CNC cut and the bolt centre is 7.5 degrees out of line, so we can turn it over to get a better fit if after torquing up it doesn't line up. Pratting about with the Prototype here the worse case scenario of having to retorque a bit more to get it all to line up is 3 Fl Lbs at worst ! Lucky if out Torque wrench is that accurate TBH !

So, here you go. CNC buttons have been pressed, and a 1000 units kits are being made - this means 1000 Bolts as you would be amazed the difference in head sizes with differing manufactures.


Lastly some Thanks,

Dave Ashcroft who has 100% backed me with this upgrade with his full support and thumbs up on HIS product, I wouldn't have persuaded it if he had said he would rather not - his thoughts are this is a perfect fit for the sorts of builds we do, and he rates it !

Simon Rafferty from X-Eng fame for support and confirmation in his words "That's a neat solution Nige - Do it"

Bernie the Bolt for his huge amount of terchnical data charts and Advice, My long suffering CNC guru, and Phil Harris from https://m.facebook.com/panthermotorsport/ for thought provoking support and boot up arse to help me get on with it !


Now I just need a product name !!!!!!!


Nige :blush:




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my brain seems empty  (more than normal) at the moment lol.


been walking sbout for weeks mumbling "flange. ..lock lock ring . .ring locker...locky lick lick lock.."


wifey says I am sounding like a deranged asylum patient (more than normal)



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On the principle of keeping it simple and unique in google etc.


Clear, to the point, and you can’t get a better diff than uberdiff  


for versions, you can simply use a hyphen...


uberdiff-RD56 or uberdiff-ARB



and finally, if you plan to do a version for the ATB...

uberslipdiff       ;) 




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Search engines will find you. Hardened differential upgrades isn’t a saturated market just make sure your web page has the right tags.

Diamond solid diff upgrades

Rock solid diffs

Diff King


Dura - diffs

Drive hard diffs

Go beyond diff upgrades

Rugged rover diff upgrades

Titan diff upgrades

Diff master

Diff wizard

Surefoot diffs

Vulcan diffs

ultra spec diffs


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Lacing tab

diff tears

rover tears




or if you want alliteration


barker broaches

Bolt bitch

Rover restrain

Carrier catch

carrier collar

carrier clasp

Diff detain 

bear hug buckle

right foot retainers






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5 hours ago, mad_pete said:


ultra spec diffs



Already call the top grade builds "Ultra Spec" ...Ultra Spec Ashlocker ....hmmmmmm but then there the ARB too LOL Grrrrrr I am not good at marketing !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe "Le Ballon de Chein F Locker" :hysterical: ?

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Tab-Loc, as in your diff is fitted with a Tab-Loc system. You have a Tab-Loc'd diff. Fit your diff with Tab-Locs.

I think the Xcess 4x4 Tab-Loc system has a good ring to it. I say system because you could apply this concept to any number of makes of diff, or other device you haven't yet realised an application for.

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