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Steering Boxes


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Already posted this on the defender board, but figured that most people need a steering box now and again.....

Does anyone have any advice on steering boxes, either new or re-con?

I would reckon Adwest are the best, as they are OEM, but obviously they are more expensive.

Does anyone have any comments on any of the other remanufacturers?



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AdWest - No question!

I've had a number of 'reconditioned' boxes from a number of suppliers. In general the 'reconditioning' consists of steam cleaning and a coat of paint.

Sometimes they replace the bottom seal - but never touch the shaft and it is the wear on the shaft which has caused the seal to go.

AdWest are one of a very small number who actually re-build the units and replace worn or damaged parts. I seem to remember they replace the main shaft and the oil seals on all the boxes.

Yes they are a little more expensive - but much cheaper than two or more 'recon' boxes!

The other option is sodbury.

If you want to buy one there, try turning the input shaft with your fingers. It should turn easily and smoothly (no 'cogging' or grinding feel).

Generally best to go for a dirty one because if it's been leaking, you can see if the mud is oil soaked.

The last one I bought was a Disco 4 bolt with the disco drop-arm to go on my 90. The drop arm has a tapered hole which accepts the same kind of ball-joint as is used on track rods and the other end of the steering rod. These are much easier to change than the 90/110 type which is pressed in to the drop arm.

If it is to fit a 90, you have to replace the steering rod with a S3 or RR type and improvise a mounting for the damper.

If you buy a QT Services rod, they do a clamp-on mounting for the damper (intended for RR's) which works very well.

The Disco boxes are a good bet as most of them are a lot newer than RR or 90/110 types found at Sodbury.

Hope that gives you some options.


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Cheers Si,

Adwest Re-cons are £212, after you get your 50 +vat surcharge back, a new adwest is £334.

other re-con prices are around the £100 mark, i guess you do get what you pay for....

not got the time to look for a second hand one, as i've got to get the 90 through its MOT, and then get back to uni for the end of next week, and ive got two outriggers to change, and a rear xrember to errrrr knit back together.

Thanks, looks like i'll give Adwest a call.


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MM 4x4 had some a while back for under a hundred - recon I think. Depending on the price might be worth a try? You could always phone them up or email them and ask what's actually done during the recon. I doubt they do them themselves, but if they don't know for certain the jobs been done properly you can walk away.
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