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defender rear door chequer plate

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want i am looking for is the full defender rear door with wiper chequer plate, complete with the chequer plate covers that fit the lock, the wiper motor, the stay bar all in chequer plate, i have goggled and searched but can find a supplier? would there be a landrover part number for this? or as its aftermarket maybe not?


see attached picture for reference.................................please any help 


Admin if this is in the wrong section please feel free to move to the correct one

defender rear door chequer plate complete with covers for wiper motor etc.jpg

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Don't think there is a LR part # for that....

Most I have seen are either DIY or aftermarket.

I made several using a template, treadplate, jigsaw, wire brush and a lot of patience.

Bon Courage !!

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thanks for the help

I can easily find the checker plate, BUT what i cannot find is the checker plate accessories that cover, the wiper motor, the door lock, the door stay, the THREE items at the bottom of the picture i attached 

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