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I'm in the process of fitting a webasto heater to my 300tdi  defender 110 and at the stage of moving the washer bottle. I bought an under wing bottle to replace the standard one and I've discovered that the holes for the pumps are much larger in the new bottle. I'm going to try and bodge them in today but wondered if anyone knew if there was a better solution and what would be needed to sort it. I've seen people that have used external pumps and blanked off the holes and also people that have used new pumps with a different connector.

The washer bottle I bought said it came from a tdci, I'm not sure if this is the same as the td5 or if they're different. Does anyone know what pump would fit and whether there is anything else I would need. 

Thanks in advanceadvance


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Thanks western, £13 a pop though :s do you know if they're larger grommets than are on the pumps I have. Also do you think the newer pumps come with the grommets already as if they do it would probably make more sense to get new pumps.



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The Td5 and Tdci tanks seems similar but in typical LR fashion, there are a multitude of part numbers.

When i fitted my Wabasto 15 years ago, the under wing tanks were like hens teeth and priced accordingly. They are now more common. I originally fitted a non LR tank and modified it, but as part of my rebuild project, I have now fitted a Tdci tank. It only had one pump, like this on Ebay:



I drilled the tank for a 2nd pump for the rear door washer, they come with the grommet, just remove the original pump and its grommet and measure the size of the hole.






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Thanks Simon, good to know that the later pumps are all the same. I had come across the single pump under wing tanks and it had confused me, i presume some vehicles share a pump? Anyway I found a brand new under wing tank with two holes in for £25 so snapped that up as the delears all seemed to charge the best part of £100. Looks like I'd have been better buying one with the pumps in. I've got lots of photos and part numbers so hopefully once the heaters installed I'll do a quick write up and it will help others sourcing the parts...I notice on rimmer bros there's 21 different pumps for defenders and a similar amount of blanking plugs and grommets so it's a bit of a mine field!

Do you recall whether the original electrical connector fitted onto the new pump or did you have to buy a new connector? I read on one post that someone had had to buy econoseal plugs to make the new pumps work but a quick google and they look similar to what is fitted already so perhaps they had an older pump to start with.

Thanks for everyones help

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I can't remember what the original connector was as that got binned 15 years ago,  and I've done a complete re-wire as part of my rebuild, but the new pumps use the same style connector as fitted to 300Tdi/Td5 onwards sidelight/indicator lamps.

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