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2.5NA replacing timing belt, and now can't move crankshaft


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1985 2.5 NA 110

I've done this before successfully, but managed to mess up things completely this time

After aligning the timing marks for the crankshaft, camshaft,  dps and fitting the belt, something must have slipped when I was rotating the crankshaft by hand, and now I a left in a situation where:

- The camshaft points at the timing mark, but the crank mark is at the 3 o'clock position.

- The crankshaft can't move -- i feel solid resistance (no pin in the flywheel at this point)

How can this be remedied?  I was trying to move the crankshaft with the timing belt off when I encountered this.

Can I manually move things back into alignment?



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Glad it got you out of trouble. 2 turns of the crankshaft (clockwise) is what I do, so that the the camshaft and injection pump have made 1 turn then double check the tension of the belt and nothing has slipped out of alignment. Yes, you are going to have to recheck/adjust the tappets once you have tightened down the rocker shaft.

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I would suggest you remove and inspect all the valve push rods to make sure you haven't bent any, and check their seats in the cam follower slides for the same reason - the reason that the crank shaft wouldn't rotate it that the pistons were pushing hard against the open valves as the timing was out.

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