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Dimension check please

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Hi all, 

I have run into an issue on my latest build. The rear tub support bracket (NRC4661 - Item 1 below) seems to be the same width as the bracket on the chassis, so there is no way it will fit inside the chassis bracket. Can somebody confirm that I am not being a complete spanner, there is only one type of these brackets isn't there? no early vs late types or something daft? alternatively if someone could measure theirs, bracket or chassis, that would be fantastic. 

Vehicle in question is a 1983 110 Hi-cap, and neither the chassis nor bracket are original, so I don't really have a decent point of reference





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Fits to the chassis mounts just forward of where item 9 bolts to  [which is fitted to station wagons only] 

IIRC it fits around the chassis bracket so the full flat face is facing outwards. 

found these photo's on http://www.defendersource.com/forum/f8/2-x-lhd-tithonus-110-trucks-full-refurb-to-civilian-spec-64649.html

the 2 uprights mounts can be seen fairly clearly 

1987 LR LHD 110 Tithonus REBUILD chassis painted rear half.jpg

1987 LR LHD 110 Tithonus REBUILD chassis painted rear rear.jpg

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Thanks Western, I am at least trying to put them in the right place then. The problem I am left with is that the brackets are the same width as the locating points on the chassis, so it won't sit inside them. The brackets are from YRM, and the chassis is from Richards, both of which have always been okay for me so far. 

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