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Yet another 'what battery ' question

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Its cold, its frosty,  the battery is prob 4- 5 yo std jobby. and its a slow turn over, always starts tho.   Its a 110 300tdi HT No frills  no winch, no  entertainment,.  Whats a good battery nowdays, thinking BIG,  1000cca 110 AH  type thing. A while back folks were raving about the Numax marine one,  are they still available, / good, or is there a new puppy in the litter tray. Obviously needs to  fit straight inn,  no alterations to cables battery box etc,  and pref under £100. Not going to stump up for an odyssey or  optima. I'm sure technology has moved on a bit in the last 5 years. many  thanks.

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This is a post I placed on another forum just a few weeks ago.........


Just got around to replacing the battery on my 300TDi 90, the old one hadn't given up the ghost but I thought that with winter coming and the fact that it is often left parked up for weeks at a time it was better to be safe than sorry. The vehicle has been SORN'd for the past 3-months and despite only being started up for short periods of time (to move it around on the driveway) it still turned over perfectly and fired up like a watch. :)

The old battery?
A Mercedes badged Bosch S5013 which I fitted in Aug 2005. Think it is fair to say that it gave good value for money and there are no prizes for guessing that I have replaced it with a new Bosch S5013 (100AH / 830CCA). :D

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Here's a summary of the battery cranking specs:


That battery is 1000A MCA, it is a split use leisure/starting battery, which can be good for LR users. It also has the extra terminals, which is really handy.

It is 585 CCA, which is more than enough for any LR.

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It is because it is a cross-over battery, between leisure and starting, which as I said, can be good for LR with a lot of accessories, such as fridges or work lights that are a steadier drain and can discharge the battery to a lower level than starting tends to.

It is up to you what you buy of course, and will depend on your application.

If you want to go big, measure up the battery box and find the biggest you can find, but with no winch, no entertainment or anything special, you are probably better off with as standard a battery as you can get, anything more is just wasting money as won't last any longer in years at least.

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Hi There,

Got one of these a couple of years ago.


This fits into the battery box with no modifications and also allows the existing battery clamp to be used. It fits by the grace of a couple of millimeters.

100Ah, 830CCA

Starts like pressing a button :-)



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