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P38 2.5 dse 1995 low range doesn't do anything

Mike aki

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Hi new to this site and range rovers I have just bought a Range Rover 2.5 dse to use off road but on checking the low range the button doesn't do anything no select neutral warning or anything can anybody shed any light on this ? 


Any help much appreciated

cheers mike 

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... can anybody shed any light on this ?


The 38A is still a complex car. It hasn't got any simpler since its introduction in 1995.

I don't know what cars of similar complexity you have self maintained in the past, but with the 38A your life will be made simpler, less frustrating, and more rewarding, if you get a copy of the RAVE CDs. IIRC correctly, there were at least 19 versions, one of which was US vehicles only, so try to ensure you get one that covers your vehicle. These cover both the Workshop Manual and the 'Electrical Troubleshooting Manual'; yes, there really is a complete manual focussed on the electrical system.
You will still have to come and ask questions, but at least you and the advisor will have a common point of reference.

I suggest you tell us the year of your vehicle, and update your profile to show where in the world you reside.

For your specific problem, it could be the button has failed; or the wiring to the electronics has corroded somewhere, and broken the circuit,

The change motor may have failed, but if the electronics had seen a request, but no subsequent motor movement, I'd have expected a warning to be displayed.


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That's why I say you should source a copy of the RAVE CDs. There will be web-site you can download from, you don't need the physical discs. As a '95 any version will do, I think I used 11 or 12.

The other way of saying this is, I don't recall the detail, I would have to read my copies of RAVE, why shouldn't you? It is your car.


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