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Td5 DMF - should I replace it

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Just got the gearbox out as the input shaft bearing has collapsed and decided to do the clutch whilst it was accessible, the release springs are looking fairly worn. Of course with the clutch off I look at the DMF but can't work out if it's shagged or not. There has been a fair selection of noises from the area and I did originally think DMF but then seeing the gear box input shaft flop around like a fish out of water I guess that's probably the main issue.

Anyhow the DMF has a bit of rotary movement, which is should have of course, and it seems within the three teeth on the ring gear that LUK suggest (it's actually a Valeo DMF but getting anything from their website is hopeless). It also has some side to side play, i.e the hold one edge and you can push and pull it back and forwards. LUK say 2.9mm 'sideplay' but it's not obvious how to measure this. Should it be able to wobble like that? Finally the clutch face looks like it's got quite warm to me - see photo.

Bearing in mind it's about £200 over just a clutch, is it worth/does it need replacing??

BTW - is Valeo original fit? Might give me an idea whether it's the original flywheel or not.


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As you are there, I'd replace the lot with as original. 

I know it's not a popular opinion, but I do like a well set up dmf, smooth driving and much easier on the gearbox, which is a lot more expensive to replace.

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Yeah, I'm kind-of in agreement - it's such a lot of work to get to it, it's silly not to, but it is £200...

I've not great issues with DMFs, they do smooth out the drive and probably make life easier for the gearbox and at the end of the day if this one is original it's done 130,000 miles so for £200 that's not bad. I certainly wouldn't replace it with a solid one - I can't see the already not-very-tough R380 liking that.

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