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Disco 2 V8i PICKUP

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I did look at some strengthening for the rear of the cab but came to the same conclusion as dav88sw.  I also new I would have some kind of bar behind the cab to protect it a little - although this isn't finished.  Clinton's stuff isn't cheap thing GRP - there is some good thickness to it unlike some of the kit cars I've built over the years.   My LPG tank is in a box behind the cab which left me with a good usable space behind the seat to dump stuff etc.  In future I would bring that box forward to give more pickup space.  My wheel boxes are too long as well which also reduces some space.

I do like the cab only version especially with the alternative lower roof option.  On mine I took some time to line the inner cab with marine ply backed with foam to insulate and cut down some noise.  Allowed me to hide the wiring loom and put some decent speakers in  

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On 11/12/2017 at 7:22 PM, dave88sw said:

Looks like a really good job on that build, how did you find painting it with the bed liner? We had a body shop spray ours but they did moan about painting the fibreglass.



Really easy actually - standard Schutz gun hooked up to a little compressor.  The containers they supply thread straight on but if you want the grey you have to buy the tintable version and add some base colour.  Once you've roughened up the body and masked off follow the mixing instructions and just spray it on.  I did two coats but on reflection I should have done another.  You live and learn 

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