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Dim/Dip removal..Wiring Diagram??


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I want to remove the stupid Dim Dip unit from my 1988 RRC, but all the info I have seen about removing them is for the relay type units..... and in true pain in the rear Range Rover style it's got to be bloody different :angry:

My car has a module rather than a relay, pt. num. PRC8123, and is a 5 wire connection unit.... just to be helpful the diagram in Rave shows it as 4 wires, so I think it's the wrong unit in the diagram....plus it calls it High Beam Dimmer Flash Switch.... so I think its refering to the column switch and not the bloody dimmer...which I can't find! Headache, you bet!

All I know is it's on the car, not required under EU law, is a pain in the butt and lives under the dash! 

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You appear to be looking for details of a '88 Range Rover in the RAVE system.
As RAVE didn't start until 1995 I suggest you are looking at the wrong manuals.

There was an appropriate CD in the obsolete LHP range.
These CD's have been superseded by DVDs covering multiple CDs.

Research shows that the original LHP1 (Classic '75-'85) has been superceded by 19LHP1, while the original LHP2 (Classic '86-'95) has been superceded by 19LHP2.
I've linked to the Britcar site, if they have the stock they claim, at the prices they show, I suggest you grab a bargain. The numbers they use don't seem to be recognised anywhere else.
As a comparison, the later DVD, covering RRC '75-'95, is available as LTP3002.

I suggest you price check your favourite supplier.
Also be aware that either of these CDs / DVDs are likely to carry onboard security, which typically will stop you copying the disc, and may mean the disc has to be in the CD drive even if you copy files onto the hard drive for a faster response. Like all security, it can be broken, but it's something of a mind numbing and lengthy task, as each file has to be treated separately.

I give both numbers in case you want to gamble on secondhand versions of the CDs.


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One of the many copies of Rave that I have actually covers the '88 RRC, but it doesn't cover the diesel.. so there's a chance it is NAS even though it has references to European and NAS! Might explain the lack of Dim/Dip!!

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I have just discovered that myself! :lol: Waded though page after page of wiring diagrams in some LR W/S manuals I'd been given and I finally found the blighter..... Bloody LR sell it as a Dim / Dip unit but call it a Voltage Regulator in the manual, and they have stuck it on the page before the lighting circuit :angry: No wonder I couldn't find it!

Having found it I have worked out it has a feed from the oil pressure switch, which would make sense, disconnect that problem solved... and then I looked a little further and was beginning to think it looked rather excess to requirement... and you have just confirmed that for me! So it's pull the plug and forget it ever existed:D

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