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Electrical Component Under R/H Front Wing?

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As per the thread title, I'd be most grateful if someone would be kind enough to let me know what the electrical component under the r/h front wing is. Mine (a '93 110) is so corroded that I can't work out what it is, and there appears to be no reference to it on the official parts list. It looks a bit like a ballast resistor, but since I pulled the vehicle apart some ten years ago, I don't have much to go on!

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Ah, thank you, Gentlemen - that is an excellent suggestion! I looked at the dim dip resistor on the parts list, but as it didn't look anything like it, I assumed it must be something else. Luckily I won't need such a thing with my new LED lights.

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Sorry - only just seen this... I will be custom making the loom using my own format as it's so radically different from the stock item that there's little point in attempting to follow the originals - also - and probably more to the point, I don't have spools of all the correct colours (and as the damned thing has cleared out all my cash, I can't afford to buy them...). So long as I properly document the result, it shouldn't be an issue!

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