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Bonnet Release broken

Dawie  Spohr

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Right I will admit to having no experience of the D2, but having looked at the diagram all is not lost!


From what I can see the fact that they sell the handle and cable or just the cable, would indicate that handle failure is common, so I'd remove that first.. if the handle has broken you should be able to pull cable with a pair of pliers. If the handle is intact and the cable has broken at that end, with some care you should be able to strip some of the outer and grab the inner with some pliers. if when you get it apart you find that the cable has snapped at the other end (under the bonnet) you're going to have a fight, as it will probably be a grill off job... But I'd check first and if it's the catch end hopefully someone has a fix that doesn't involve a new grill!

Oh and one last thing, if you can get someone to bounce of the bonnet when the cable is pulled it will make it easier!

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Miggit is spot on, usually the nipple pulls out of the handle and the handle fixing bracket gets bent..... it will normally have been stiff for some time before hand. If the cable is snapped then the problem is that there is a security guard over the latch that makes life very difficult. 

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I was locked out of my 2000 D2. Tried to pull hood latch and cable disconnected from latch.  Got door open but cant pull cable now. Ging from underneath where does cable connect? Diagrams aren't showing it.

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