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electrical issues

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driving the landy earlier today and started to get a few interesting electrical issues.

indicating left put the wipers on at the same time. then later when i put the headlights on the wipers came on again and the full beam light on the dash was dimly lit.

I am thinking this is a bad earth connection but where to search for it?

or would anything else cause these problems. it has been a bit damp here recently so that could also be an issue.

its an ex military 90 with the convoy light switch still in place.

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I would check the steering wheel area first for poor connections or loose wires, if you drop the upper and lower steering wheel shroud off then you will be able to see the mount for the switch stalks.  Is it possible a wire has been pinched somewhere in there as the indicator, head light and wiper switch are different switches?

I would have thought that a bad earth would cause the particular switch operation to not operate at all, not operate you wipers randomly. Sounds like something is shorting somewhere, the first place to look is the wiring around the switches. 

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