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How easy to convert front 10 spline axle to 24?


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Hi all,

I want a wider and stronger front axle for my 88.

I have discarded YJ Dana30 (liked the CAD system, but weak and ratio/diff offset are wrong), and also DII and japanesse axles. I think the only axle I could afford will be a 10 spline coiler axle. Cheap as I could reuse my diff centre.

More cash in a few years will give me the oportunity to go for a 24 spline diff.

If my 10 spline coiler axle is fitted with 32 spline rtc6862 cvs, will it be as simple as fitting a pair of 24/32 shafts? Is something else needed? (oil seal....)

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It would not make any sense.  32 spline is smaller than 10 spline.  You want a coiler axle with 23 spline CV joints and then you easily change to 24/23 halfshafts and have something stronger.

Also note coiler axles are not a simple swap.  The steering arms hit the leaf springs.  The pinion angle is wrong.

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OBy the way, a friend has a 300 tdi Disco. Engine tweaked, 285/75 33" tyres, used 100% off road and just one cv failure in 5 years. Replacement was a ****part 32 spline unit that cost just 15GBP.

I have also heard about racers downsizing CVs, because the big AEU2522s usually lock when failing and take along with them the entire chrome ball, while smaller CVs simply let you continue with a noisy axle until repair.

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14 minutes ago, o_teunico said:

 while smaller CVs simply let you continue with a noisy axle until repair.

and no steering..... trust me ive been there.... repeatedly. makes getting back to the pits a nightmare of dragging the front around with the winch :D

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48 minutes ago, o_teunico said:

Unfortunately in Spain, where I live, british built Land Rover sales started in 1990 with the 200 Defender, so no AEU2522 23 spline cvs available at scrapyards. Only options 10/32 thick flange or 24/32 thin flange.

Are you sure?  I thought the change happened in 1992.  My 1991 has AEU2522 CVs.  I'm pretty sure you can swap them in regardless and they are pretty cheap.

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If the info about Defender stub axles given by britpart is correct, all 90/110 vehicles up to KA930446 (drums on back) use the same, so AEU2522 should replace directly the smaller 32 spline CV in any Def 200 axle, matching with correct shsfts (AEU2520 AEU2521).

Just wonder why Solihull used different stub axles in RR/Disco.

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