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New (to me) P38 - 2.5 DSE 1998 - Issues Advice

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14 hours ago, gkd000 said:

I noticed that the fuel filter housing top is cracked, would this have any negative effect on the running of the car?  

It absolutely could, if it's drawing in air the fuel metering can't work correctly.

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Re the existing plugs, to really check their condition you should fire them up; individually or all together, it doesn't matter, providing your power source can deliver the current required.

Individually, clamp the hexagon in a bench vice, or similar. Apply 12 volts across the vice and the terminal, polarity doesn't matter, although it would be conventional to apply negative to the vice and positive to the plug terminal. Applying power for 10 seconds should be enough to show how quickly they start to glow and how the red heat is distributed.

Repeat the test with the new ones to get a comparison, and to make sure none are faulty out of the box.


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New glowplugs fitted (with new gaskets).

Was gutted when I tried to fire it up and same as before the new glowplugs.   Put my tools away in a bit of a huff.

Thought, I'll give it a another go before I give up for the day.  Coughed, rumbmled, puffed, fired-up and stalled.  Another go and boom, running (and sounds quite nice to me).

Also all windows/sunroof/mirrors working as they should, no error messages on the dash and I changed a couple of bulbs in the dash so it all lights up now!

All-in-all a successful day tinkering.

More to do, service kit arriving soon, door lock to be replaced, saggy headlining to be replaced and other bits and bobs but I am happy today :-) .

Thanks for all the advice, I am sure I will be needed more in the next few days/weeks/months.


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