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Td5 Auto

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Can you fit a Discovery td5 and autobox in a defender? I've seen one cheap and have a master plan to build a 110 double cab.

IIRC MartinL fitted a Td5/R380 into his 90, so I reckon you need to talk to him, a autobox should fit with some work, Have a read here


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Lara is over here but I can't recall how his is done though I think I have seen the explanation somewhere. I think from memory that his is a different gearbox though, the stronger HP24 as fitted to a 4.6 V8 RR, because as you say his is a 2.8 with some obscene amount of torque.

Basically to transplant a Discovery setup as-is the biggest headache is that you'd need all the CAN-bus garbage to go with the electronic gearbox control, if I was doing it I think I'd do it the way I have seen described somewhere (I think it was something written by Ashcrofts) which is to make a "hybrid" gearbox out of an old Discovery gearbox (without the electronic control) plus a Td5 Discovery bellhousing and torque converter. Then I think the only problem would be to make up some sort of kickdown linkage to go on the accelerator pedal but I have seen a photo of something somewhere (again it may have been Ashcrofts, or it may even have been Lara, can't remember what his setup is)

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You could always convert the later gearbox to a button/paddel shift....

I know of somebody who AFAIK makes a stand alone control unit, which allows you to control the gearchanges manually.... can't remember the link at the moment though - will find out later.


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It is quite a common conversion if you use a Zf4 speed without the electric shift.

The engine fit is well documented and Ashcrfot can supply all the parts inc Box for the auto conversion.

Friend of mine has had his done recently and reckons it's the best mod on his Defender (Is a factory fit TD5)

Trick is to get a full engine and main harness from a breaker (Was charged £250 for both harness and dash facia inc dials) And then source a good engine.

I wish you luck, could be a nice vehicle if you have time to do it (thats the hard bit!)

There also bits on the TD% that are not require IE: Egr modulator, Airflow meter etc

Getting rid of these of course makes life easier.

Hop this helps

Jim :)

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I'd dearly like to drop an auto box into my TD5 90 (my wife has a a knackered left knee) but although I can get the Disco 2 auto box quite cheap, the electrics would baffle me :huh: and I'm not sure it's possible anyway. Do Ashcrofts really fit an earlier 'box? Ashcrofts quoted me £4500 recently which I can't justify as we have an auto Passat as a main car.. Any advice welcome.. I'm 'tooled up' for anything - except electrics! Maybe a written-off Disco 2 auto would be the easiest route?

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