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Rear door rattle

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If it's  the same problem mine had? It was the up right frame work behind the rear door panel, the weld had gone! Think having the spare wheel on the rear door doesn't help, what with the weight and stress factor!?!

Got it re welded and all quiet again :)


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I had what sounded like a door rattle at speeds below 40mph when slowing gently on a 2009 90.  It turned out to be a sheared split pin that retains the cross-pin in the rear diff.  Older diffs had cirlips on each end of the cross pin, but cost engineering again resulted in a stupid down grade that means that the slightest wear in the pin of diff casting shear the pin - replacing it resulted in repeated failure.  The noise was the end of the cross pin contacting the pinion gear head, with light chipping of the tip of the pin and a fern pattern effect on the flat face of the pinion head.  This was visible through the filler plug if the diff was turned to allow direct vision.

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