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Very Intermittent Strong Judder - Freelander 2

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On two occasions now my FL2 has exhibited quite alarming juddering at about 50mph in 5th or 6th. The first time it was so alarming that I thought I had a flat. After stopping to check, I pulled away again and the problem had gone. Until last week when it happened again, on a different stretch of road. Slowing right down to pull off, then speeding up again and the problem went away.

The only other symptom I have noticed recently is an intermittent squeak from one of the rear wheels.....when moving slowly, you hear an "eek eek eek" as the wheels rotate. Not every trip though.

My local garage has had a look at the brakes and they say they look fine.

Any idea what to get looked at next? I'm not into working on cars so I'd love it if someone could at least suggest what the garage should be looking for (they are nit Freelander specialists)




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My parents Freelander 2 is having the exact same problem. Did you ever did the cause? 


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