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Fuel filler neck

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One of the many minor fixes for my MOT was sharp bits on the rear quarter panel due to accident damge.  This happened back in 08 and has passed since then but hey ho a bit of plating and filler and jobs jobbed and she passes on the retest.

Yesterday I had to fill up for the first time since the MOT and noticed some diesel was by passing the tank and pouring out over the mudflap bracket.  It seems I have managed to drill into the filler neck when I was rivetting the plate on, whoops.

Now as it should be a neat little hole I'm hoping that some fettling with the soldering iron will let me do a bit of plastic welding, but other than the easy jubilee clips for the breather and filler pipe is it just the grommet holding the pipe in place and should I assume that it will be destroyed in the process and get one in?

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Put a pop rivet in it, I suspect you will have some the right size :) 

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Yes that would make sense wouldnt it 😁

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