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Defender TDCI won't start

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I have a defender 2.4 TDCI. A few days ago it cut out while driving. It would immidiately start again en run for a short while. Sometimes for 30 seconds, sometimes 10. Now it won't fire at all.

It cranks fine, but will not fire.

It's freezing here, minus 8 degrees celcius. I thought there may be ice in the fuel filter so I have changed that, but it made no difference.

I did have a few alarm problems lately, but at this moment it locks and unlocks fine with the keyfob and there is no immobiliser light on the dash.

On my nanocom and on my IIDTool I see RPM's while cranking, so I assume my crankshaft position sensor is working.

I've checked all underseat relays, they are all fine.

Half of the times my IIDtool an nanocom looses contact with the car. When I disconnect the battery most of the times it will connect again.

I was thinking of some kind of immobiliser problem. But should it crank when immobilised?
I do have some errors about lost communication with instrument cluster, but when I clear them they will stay away for a while, but still no start.

I have no diesel at the injectors. Should I always have diesel at the injectors? Even when I have some kind of electrical problem? The high pressure fuel pump is pure mechanical? Or can the VCV valve or something shut of all fuel to the rail?

I don't see any railpressure on the display but when I record live values it shows a pressure..
With easy start the engine fires right up, but ofcourse dies again when I stop spraying.


Any ideas?


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Can you hear the fuel pump prime on turning the ignition on?

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