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Aligning bulkead to tub, need door width measurement please

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All, I'm replacing my old D90 body onto a new richards galv chassis, YRM patched seat pan, YRM patched footwells, and new welded in YRM bulkhead A-pillars.  I've got everything roughly placed in with all bolts still loose so I can adjust. I'll be using the string method to align the curves of the rear tub to the curves on the bulkhead.  What I need is the correct measurement for the door opening from rear tub to the bulkhead.  Essentially what I'm looking for is the proper measurement for the door opening (door width plus gaps on both sides). Right now I have one side at 87.6cm (34.5") and one side at 89.1cm (35.1").  I can adjust either side, or both, but I don't know what measurement to use. I also do not have the doors to measure (I'm ordering new ones and don't have them yet) which is why I'm asking.  Thanks fellas!

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Doesn't give you a door dimension, 890mm rings a bell though...


Just had a look back at my rebuild and for the doors it was 880mm with a 7mm gap all round on mine. This was with original door frames wrapped in SPL replacement aluminium skins.


You can assemble loosely but don't tighten everything up until they are all together, having a bit of a wiggle helps to line up all the panels before tweaking the gaps to suit 


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