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Discovery TD5 radiator alternative part number?

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My Discovery is a 51 pre facelift with a later EU3 engine. I've had troubles with part numbers before but can usually find what i'm looking for after a while searching but my radiator part number isn't showing at any of the parts suppliers.

Anyone know what the current part is for PCC001050 manufacturer is Calsonic.

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Thanks Western.

PDK00080 and  PCC001070 both have the correct pipe connectors in the right places.

PDK00080 is given as from TD5  VIN 1A onwards but this can't really be correct because the plumbing changed at 2A736340 for EU3 stuff.

On my PCC001050 the red outlet in the attached image isn't drilled out and doesn't have a pipe or blank connected. The green outlet is connected to my fuel cooler.  I probably need PCC001070 but i can't tell from the images or the descriptions if the red outlet is open or not.




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I've found a landrover bulletin that explains the outlet blanking. PDK000080 is suggested as the part number for all VIN and not just from 1A as the britcar description suggests. Still no reference to my radiator part number anywhere - it must be special :o


PDK000080 is ROW PCC001070 is UK + EU.




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