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Fuel System Advice Needed Please

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I have a 1995 300 TDI defender 110.  Up to a few months ago I was getting 30 MPG ‘daily driving’.  Sadly, the vehicle failed the MOT on emissions grounds.  To cure the emissions problem I had to replace the turbo ( a vain had seized), recondition fuel injectors (they were 20-25% out), and recondition the fuel pump.  At the same time I also had the engine carbon cleaned.  

After all this work, the increase in power was phenomenal and the emissions were virtually zero but this came at a cost — I now get 25 MPG daily driving (and I consciously keep my foot off the accelerator pedal!). 

I would like to get back to the 30 MPG I had (even if it means sacrificing some power).

All advice welcome as I know naff all about fuel systems.

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Check there isn't a leak somewhere, typically around the fuel injector unions. I dropped 3 mpg due to a single union slightly leaking on the back of the injection pump. The oil filter having diesel dripping from it is a tell-tale sign.

I also lost 3mpg once for leaving my fuel cap at the petrol station... :blink:

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