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Freelander won't start issues

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My husband is disabled and in a bad way so we need our car for doctors hospital and other things
we have a mk1 2000 freelander that wont start my husband carnt get out there and i dont know anything about cars
so our friend had a look he said he thought it was electcial
so we bought new and he  changed the spark plug the distributor cap rotor arm new leads
but still wouldnt start so we bought new and replaced  coil pack still not start he is getting spark from plugs
but when we try to start it it makes a noise but wont fire up he is now stuck we really need to get it fixed any help
you can give us we would be very greatfull for
many thanks

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I think a few words went missing in your post there.

So it's turning over OK, you've got spark but by the sounds of it no fuel going in?

Assuming it's the 1.8 petrol engine?

Also if you fill in your profile so we can see where you are, someone local might be able to help.

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