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Fuel return lines between injectors (200 Tdi)

Role Mold

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Some time back I converted my S3 1984 petrol to a 200 Di (turbo removed), following the Glencoyne method. Amazingly it works great and I've had very little trouble since. Although for the trouble I wonder if it was worth it (the petrol was just as good). Anyway now I do have some minor problems. It is smokey, leaks diesel from the lines, does not start in cold weather and overheats on long journeys. In all other respects it works great.

My primary concern is the leaks on the fuel return pipes between the injectors. I've changed these twice. The first time I popped the pipes in boiling water then put them on. Recently I replaced them with new braided 3.2 mm hose, which I just pushed on. Anyway they have all leaked diesel. Does anybody know how to attach these correctly, should they have an additional clip to tighten the fitting? It seems to me that the return fuel is under pressure, I thought they would be low pressure and not need clips.

Also, overheating. I had to remove the fan to fit the engine. Do I need an electric fan?

Smoke. It is grey / white / blueish - any ideas

Starting. What is an easy method to fit the glow plugs. Can I use the existing Petrol Starter solenoid, which is mounted on the bulkhead?

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I would suspect your return line is plugged.  Blow it out and make sure it is clear.  There should be no pressure.  Is the fuel system plumbed up like a stock 200TDI Defender or has it been done some other way?

If you do not have any fan, are you surprised it can overheat?

On the smoke and starting, most likely the timing is retarded.  Advance the timing.

For the glow plugs, getting a glow plug timer relay is probably the best way to go.  You could use the solenoid and a manual switch if you like.

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Cheers Red90. The fuel return line goes directly from the pump back to the (ex-petrol) tank under the seat. I had to make a new fitting on top of the tank for that. I also had to add the diesel filter from the Disco. When I last changed this it was very glooped up. I'll check the line for a blockage.

Overheating, yep guess that's a no-brainer. 

I've no idea how to sort the timing, is that a mechanic job?


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My RRC goes through the same small hoses, genuine or pattern. The internal rubber perishes and splits.  That lets air into the system, the fuel drains down tot he tank and there are your starting issues.

Halfords sell rolls of 4mm braided fuel hose, the same as LR used.  Keep a roll in your cubby box, or better still, four pre-cut lengths.  They push straight on and seal well.  3.2mm hose is too small and will split sooner, but the 4mm splits eventually too.

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