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it's Friday


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I was watching some old 5th gears and saw the one from a week or two ago about towing a 747 with a toerage V10..

This got me thinking about wat is the biggest thing I have ever dragged not on a trailer but roap or strop on the front and off we go.

On site stuff breaks all the time and I had a eight leg hyab lorry with a flat battery and with two hours to wait for the fitter we thought we would give it a go with the disco to bump it well we thought it would be a laugh.

32t lorry one arb strop (which snapped :huh: ) then a bigger strop and I moved it about 12ft then the very small weight of the disco and uneven ground let it down and all she would be was slip on the gravel.

What is the biggest object anyone has moved with their Landy.?? (And not broken it Ali)

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I once towed a fire engine up a hill (Grovehill Rd in Tunbridge Wells) as it had broken down blocking a roundabout at the bottom. The Firemen thought I was joking when I offered - but we gave it a go - and it worked....slowly!


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No pics but I too towed a laden artic about 3/mile along a snowy lane (where he had got stuck and couldn't get grip) until we reached a salted main road with the RRC I had some 15-16 years ago.

I am SO pathetic :(

The biggest thing I ever towed was a Jaguar XJ6 that was stuck in the middle of a rugby pitch...

I drive around all day when it snows with my boot full of tow-ropes, tyre-chains, shovels, warm gear etc and nobody ever needs assistance!

A bit like the fact that if you take an umbrella it will never rain...



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I recovered a fire engine from a field next to the A23 close to Hickstead. They had been putting out a fire in some straw bales, the water trickled down into the stubble field and instead of reversing out of the gate decided to drive down the slope and around through the gallons of water they had put the fire out with! I was on my way back home after a Horsham 4x4 night greenlaning event about 1am. At first one of the firemen wanted me to drive him to the nearest farm and ask the farmer to get a tractor to pull them out. I said at 1am about the only thing the farmer will do is fire a shotgun at you! Kinetic rope, Nas90 and bingo!

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Last week my 110 towed an oil delivery tanker out of a hole it had dug for itself in a gate entrance.

It's rear wheels were 8" in the goo.

Low 1st + centre diff, used a chain, two hooks to my chassis jate rings to a centre tow point on truck.

After some front nearside wheel spin on the 110, out the tanker came.


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I offered to help an abrasive family in a Vauxhall Chavalier who'd got stuck at a 4x4 playday event we were running - after refusing the 'voluntary donation to charity' on the gate and driving around the marshals they headed straight towards the car park (rather than round by the roadway, into a puddle and promptly got stuck.

The Cav wasn't as heavy as anything else in this thread, but we hooked up the KERR, suggested an enhanced donation to said charity and were refused again. What is it they say about offroading - "low 2nd and floor it"? :D

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Ok just to make sure are we talking things we have towed or things we have tried to tow :)

Thing i tried to tow.

A tree on the byway Between Siltead and compton near winchester. The tree is on its side but could just get around it but when i did slide down into it and bent the rear quarter on my S3. So we put a rope on it and tried to move it with the S3. Did move it a bit . But not alot. And Yeah jules that big one on that lane. The treee has fallen over and is about 8 foot high laying on its side. Got a rope around it and tried to pull it , But wth no luck so i gave it the old run Up. Back right up against the tree and then shot of a full go. After the 50th time of trying this method. We decided we had moved it enouth. About 5 foot. Kenetic rope NAh just a standard one. So every time it took up the stain it made the land jump about 2 foot in the air. :)

The other Tree i tried to tow out was at our house in Eastleigh. We had a dead tree in the front garden (not so dead as i thought). Tried winching it out with the 90. No luck , so tried with the tow rope , still no luck.

So out with the 8m kentic. Put one end up the tree a bit. by this time a couple of my new nebours were watching. So off i went at full belt. The 90 stoped then shot backs wards faster than it went forwards. The nebours were in fits and said the 90 stoped going forwards and then lifted 2 foot in the air and shot backwards for about 8 foot still in the air before landing. Gave up and left the tree there in the end :)

But things that i have towed with better luck was a AA van . It had no wheels . A van with no wheels on mud is not fun to tow. Was alot easer to tow when we put it on its roof. :)

Oh yeah and 5 tons of earth in a Ifor trailer behind Jules Disco (the 300 Tdi 0ne). :ph34r::ph34r:

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