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What Can You Use A Fly Press For ?


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I've used a fly press a couple of times at Tonks workshop for changing bushes.

As Moglite is going to be pretty rough on bushes, being able to change them myself would be handy, especially as there are eight of them.

So I bought a flypress - this one - a No 6 - so quite big.


It didn't cost much, so I'm happy for it to be used only for bushes, but its got to be able to do more than that.

I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm assuming there won't be any tooling with it.

Punching holes won't be any use to me, as I'll never need to do enough to justify the tooling.

Anything else that I can use a fly press for in the Land Rover world ?

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punching, bending sheet/tube (with right formers etc).

as said u can make your own beds from angle iron, support them well though or they'll splay.

oh, last use, they're good to knock your head on when u get up from the floor and forget where the handle is on them (dont ask me how i know :blink: )

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We use them alot as already stated straightening and bending almost anything .................easyer than beating with a hammer!

We tend to modify ......................... weld more steel to top of handle to increase the weight of swing



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