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Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

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I’m after buying this kit , how the merry hell did you blokes manage to buy one ? I’ve worked out the cost and postage but try as I might I can’t get passed the add to winklewaggon , I take it that means basket , my Dutch is non existent, I clicked on Western’s link to get to the website, is there a different way in , any help greatly appreciated.

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No , sadly it didn’t/ hasn’t . I tried to email them but that doesn’t seem to want to play ball either. I used the google translator and also tried bing as well but all to no avail, I’m unsure if it’s the website, the fact I’m using a translation thing or me , although I’ve tried an iPad and the grownups pc in the house , all with the same frustrating results .Im going to try to give them a call and hope that whoever answers the other end speaks English 🥴

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Yes to download chrome & go from there , just tried with Microsoft edge, it won't translate that site, 


add to winklewaggon 

the orange colour button is to add items to the shopping cart. 

I have the cart open in google chrome, can send a screeenshot if you want it, then you can at least see the page in english. 

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