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Compressor regulator fittings??

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Posted (edited)

I recently ordered a new SIP compressor and 200l tank. I’m now in the process of hooking it up to my existing SIP compressor with 100l tank.

Unlike the existing one, the regulator that comes with the new one doesn’t have the usual female 1/4” fittings it has these fittings with taps included...


What are they?? A 1/4 BSP will thread on, but it’s loose as there’s no taper, and it doesn’t look like 1/4 BSPP as there’s no collar at the end for a copper washer/o-ring and also there are two flats on the threads.

I assume there some sort of hose fitting that has a nut collar on that you slide into the receiver and then spin that until nut is tight, and the nut collar has an o-ring to seal it.

Either way it looks no good to me. Looks like I’ll have to remove them and screw in my 1/4 XF quick release females into the body of the regulator  



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Posted (edited)

They might call it a "Slim line quick coupler" I think (I might be wrong)

e.g. you need




To go to standard BSP


The top ring in the picture slots in to the nut and then the nut screws down to just press it against the pipe.

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Thanks, I appreciate the response, albeit I’ve got to now go and get yet more connectors. :rolleyes:

I’ve tried to unscrew them, but they won’t budge without applying enough force to damage them. 

cheers, Steve 

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