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Help needed with Waterproof / splash proof Plugs & Sockets


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Hi all,

Wondering if any on the forum can help me with this query.

I have been given this plug and socket, and very very very nice it is too.



Its a 35 pin plug and socket, the socket is PCB mounting type (ie it has solid wires coming out of the back which solder to the PCB)


Its from AMP, I have the part numbers after a shed load of surfing, but AMP (tyro) are not exactly helpfull unless you wnat to but 1,000,000 min order quantities... :angry:

So, as you can see from the pics, the plug has a seal around the back (ornage) and on the front too, the scokey has a seal around where it fits to the box, and the whole thing is frankly superb.


With AMP and its suppliers being so unhelpful..

Anyone know where I can get similar bits of kit maybe a differing manufactuer.

Secondly on the socket instead of PCB wires out it would be even better if I can have wires coming out of the socket instead, ..


Wires INTO the plug, plug plugs into socket, and then wires coming OUT of the back iof the socket.

Any links, part numbers or pics would be brill ?


PS What exactly are these things called, when I surf websites the amount of plug socket options is bewildering, and other than PLUGF and SOCKET I do NOT know what the type / proffesional name for these things are ??

Knowing what exactly to search from would be a great help !

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These are Tyco AMP AMPSEAL Connectors, the link below gives details of the Plugs, Headers, Contacts, Gaskets and Seals -


The Plug you've pictured is an AMPSEAL 35-Way Plug Assembly (Black), Part No. 776164-1

Drawing for 776164-1

The Header you've pictured is an AMPSEAL 35-Way Header (Black), and is one of the following eight Part No's (Depending on whether it's Vertical or Right-Angle Mounting, with or without gasket and the contact material) -

Part No's -









As an example here's the Drawing for 776231-1

(This range of connectors are also available in other colours)

I'm not sure where you'd get them from singly, but this place sells some AMP ECU connectors and may be able get them for you -

PoleVolt Ltd.

The other possible sources are RS Components or Farnell - both of whom are UK suppliers and stockholders of Tyco AMP Connectors. They don't appear to list them but, again, may be able to source them for you.

I found this place in the USA, that sells Tyco AMP Connectors and claims to ship worlwide - Gopher Electronics - Tyco AMP 776164-1


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Ta very muchly both, will pursue the AMP supplier lead maybe on Monday see how they are :blink: on small orders


I have an AMP plug and socket on our oldest laser (18years) just about the only bit that has not been relaced.

We used them in the MoD for all our trials gear they just keep working :D:D

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