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Any Colour gurus here?


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I am trying to find a light sandy beige that is neither white, or yellow looking. The colour needs to be a standard BS / Ral colour. For some reason this is proving to be a lot more awkward than it should.

I want something that looks like the below pictures when applied, the first picture is LRC133 Libyan matt sand


I have tried BS 361 light stone, and this was too yellow, as was RAL 1002.

I also tried 08 B 17 but this was very white / magnolia looking when it arrived.

it looks like there may be several beige / buff options in the BS 381c range, but the colours i am seeing on my pc do not seem to match the actual colours (361 was very different, as was RAL 1002) I do not have access to actual BS colour swatches.


I am hoping someone here has prior experience of painting a shade like this and will be able to recommend an appropriate colour.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




libyan sand matt.jpg


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Colours on a PC monitor are rarely anywhere near reality, proper swatches or colour-code-matching at the local paint shop are your best bet.

If you go to your local car paint supplier and give them the LR colour code they should be able to mix you a bit of the next-nearest RAL colour(s) to have a go with. My local one would do one-off aerosols for reasonable money.

That said, why does it have to be RAL? The LR code should always get you the right thing at any paint supplier.

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Thanks Fridge.

I did not realise hat you could get paint matched to a nearest colour


I will be spraying this myself.

The reason for BS or Ral is partly down to the choice of paint, it is only available in standard colours, and partly down to ease of matching for future touch ups. I plan on keeping this vehicle for a very long time.

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The problem with vehicle codes is that there are usually a number of different shades. When a car maker comes up with a new colour a batch of paint is ordered. This is used until it's all gone. If the colour is popular then a new batch will be ordered. This will vary slightly from the original - much the same as the reason why you need to buy wallpaper with the same batch number on each roll. The longer a colour is used the more variations you are going to find.

Knowing when yours was produced will be no help - you need to compare it to the colour swatches which a factor that does paint should have to pick the best match. 

As already said, trying to do it from a computer screen is a non-starter.


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Or indeed take a panel with existing paint on it to a paint shop that has a scanner and they will then produce an identical paint in whatever paint system they have. (I've often been wrong trying to match colour chips by eye with panels).

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Also works with one that does eyematching & TBH I've found a good eyematcher better than the scanner,

I have quite a lot of eyematches done - mostly whites & yellowy/browns, the latter being the various shades of Bailey caravans. As I'm repairing in the middle of panels the match has to be exact.

I use Sayers of Northampton & an exact match 1/2 litre - their smallest quantity - in Lesonal SB basecoat costs me around £70 incl matching charge. They formulate the match so when I need to reorder it comes out the same but costs less as there is no matching charge.

I can also recommend Supatune at Castle Donington. Their mixer - Squib - has been doing it since the early 70s.

Turnaround time for both is 3 to 5 days depending how busy they are & the bigger the bit to be matched you give them the better.

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