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Any Corsica/Sardinia tips?

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We're taking the Rangie ambulance down to Corsica & Sardinia for a couple of weeks, been to Sardinia a couple of times but not been very adventurous with the fiat 500 hire car in the past.. 

Aside from coastal towns we're going to head into the interior for some hiking/kayaking/off-roading, if anyone's been and has any nice routes or interesting locations it would be good to hear cheers


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I did a week on Corsica last May,all off roading.It was absolutly fantastic.

Ther Desert d' Aggrigats in the North of the island is good,though,not very challenging.

Lots of good off roading around Zonza,which is inland from Ajaccio.

Found an amasing washed out track,that was a real challenge.

Excuse my Brummy mates comentry.:o

I loved it so much I'm going back in October this year.




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Well yep, just got back and had a great time.  Some fantastic stunning scenic roads through Corsica , managed to find some real nice mountain trails in the national park north of Porto vecchio, also lots of great tracks and trails to take in Sardinia - also spent a lot of time kayaking on the lakes and coast and in between getting fat on amazing wild boar, gellato and wines.  It's a long slog through France but an easy cheap hop over on a car ferry and both islands are very compact .  Definitely got unfinished business with Corsica..


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Some nice pictures there ! This might go on the list.....

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