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Range rover 1974 Miss-fire and power loss.

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I am after some help!!

I was getting my RRC ready for Billing Coming weekend. its a 3.5 on carbs.

Had the car running 50mph on dual carriage way slowing for round about it back fire out the Exhaust . The car then cut off, which I restarted and made it home with it back firing each time slowing down at junctions.

once I  got home left the car to cool down  a bit,  then went to re-start it its lost All 12v power.

I have checked all fuses , Coil wires etc. looked around for lose or disconnected wires .battery is full charged. 



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Regarding the initial problem, I would suspect faulty distributor, advance retard or even the coil or ignition amplifier

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Thanks For reply  Walace58 .

that's first place I checked .

I had all the Car Apart tracing Wires etc. I found the fault :rolleyes:

Turns out it was the Battery Condition Indicator  (or Amp Meter) . It was total melted inside.

I bypassed it car fired up. 

Very Luck for me, my  Brothers mate had a spare .

Getting closer to Billing Land rover show.





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