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Wiper wheel box replacement

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I have, after the wiper box sproket seized on the wiper drive rack cable.

Unfortunately, it was a dashboard off job including the airbox ducting behind it, steering wheel, instruments etc. You can just about get your hand down the back after removing most of the screws but to get any tools in there and prevent and plastic snapping I just removed the whole dash. 

Whilst I was in there I replaced both boxes (just in case) and not wanting to have to do it again and the drive cable and made sure it was well greased.

I don't have any pictures (but I do still have the scars on my arms) some of that plastic is pretty sharp so be careful. 

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The drivers side one is not an easy task on a TD5 either, most of the dash including the metal frame has to be removed.

afterwards make sure the rubber seals on the outside of the wiper spindles are tight, only the LR genuine ones seem to form a good seal. I tried other makes and they were slack allowing water in to the bushes.

....which is how they end up seized and needing replacement.


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Hello Guys, thanks for the help, it would have to be the drivers wiper wheel box, but as I was in deep I changed both plus rail, must say this job sucked, my arms looked like I went 10 rounds with a wild cat, now I am left with my Parrot hands free not powering up not to mention cigar lighter & bloody blower speed control...........sometimes I should just stay in bed and let the rust eat my defender 🤪

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You could buy a new modern reliable easy start never fail cad designed car.


But then you look at a Toyota Yaris, and think.........


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