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Anyone used a PWM fuel pump?

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My fuel pump died on me whilst out and about on Friday. Very gradual loss of power and RPM until the noise under the bonnet stopped.

Spent a lovely 6.5 hours sunbathing on the A50 whilst awaiting a flatbed. A big thank you to the chap in the G reg Discovery TD5 who stopped and offered to tow me :)

I've been browser shopping for a replacement pump and have come across a make new to me. PWM, anyone used one before? I can't find any bad words for them land rover wise, which could either mean they always work so no bad posts or no one has bought one.

PWM seems to be a eurocarparts special. TD5 fuel pump


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I took a chance on one...

The box has OEM quality all over it but it isn't.

The fuel sender reads twice as many ohms as it should giving half the correct reading on the gauge. The float arm has too much lateral movement can can give intermittent contact. Swapping the sender with the original fixes this easily enough.

On first inspection the pump itself seems to work ok. It makes about the same noise as the original and there are no problems fitting it to the tank.


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