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custom dash project

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Thank you all , not a lot to post today over here bit more in my build thread . Just finished painting the dash bits ready for trimming next week hopefully .


Wasn't after a great finish as it will have closed cell foam and vinyl on top and the inside is just to stop the rust .

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So trimming started today , got the closed cell foam on ,






just the center console left to do but got a few bits to do before that's done and need to sort the heater ducting but got the Suzuki swift blower motor ,


got that fitted into the housing details in build thread .

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Not a lot to show in the way of pics today , but did the test fit of the gear shifter to check the cable was ok in the hole I'd drilled , all fine except it took over an hour to get the cable off the box due to the split pin welding itself in and access isn't great but got there in the end so need either a new cable of the fitting that goes on the end , then put some etch primer on the center console ,



finish the painting off next week and then the trimming , might even go fishing next Saturday , who knows .

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So over the last week or so got some more done , center console painted ,


and scrim foam added ,


did the holes in the top plate that goes over the diff lock lever for the heated seats ,


and today started the trimming ,


cut all the vinyl ,




and then set about trimming the dash , be kind remember I'm not a professional ,







got the dash top and the bottom to do tomorrow and the center console . Did ask the trimmer I know but he can't do anything till early April so I'm having a go myself , will need to talk to the wife nice because it will need some sewing on it .

got this for the plates that hold the gauges and switches .


cheers Ian

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Last two pieces done, dash top with vent surrounds in place that @vulcan bomberkindly did for me ,



and the lower dash ,



just the center console left to do , ordered the battery thurs so electrics next week . All though I might fit some of the dash to see how it looks or I might leave everyone in suspense and not post any pics till it's all in and finished 

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Thank you all , sadly the dash assembling will have to wait till next week as this week is wiring weekend and I also need to make the "Y" piece for the heating and the connection from heater box to the ducting . I can't make my mind up whether to open the bulkhead hole or leave it , I'm starting to think that I'll use the original bulkhead seal but make a tunnel from the heater box to the bulkhead hole , any thoughts anyone ?

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I reckon something to get rid of the standard bulkhead seal is probably a good thing. Or at least not using the original foam type ones as they break down after a while.

I can't remember. are you using the original lower dash section? 

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I'll get you them measurements tomorrow if that's okay Ross as I'm not there at the minute . It's trying to not make it to custom in case I sell it on or when I do , yes the lower dash is original but I welded the two parts together but I'm thinking of  making a tunnel that fits inside the original foam seal but couldn't make up my mind whether to open the bulkhead hole up to the same size as the heater box openingor tapper it .

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Ah no worries Ian, not sure when I'll next get to the workshop at the moment with work being busy :(.

Sitting inside that seal hast to be a good thing... guess its just about finding a sensible way of sealing the new then.

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Yes we're very busy too , I also got a promotion to workshop foreman so I'm running the workshop now and trying to weld at the same time . I was thinking of using the closed cell foam that I used to put on the dash under the vinyl its about 2mm thickness , also thought the original bulkhead foam seal will insulate the tunnel .

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Well didn't get round to the wiring today but did some bits on the dash , just couldn't resist :D . Managed to get these plastic washers of eBay , thought they'd protect the vinyl ,


then I decided that I wanted to cover the bulkhead behind the dash with the lining carpet , which took a while as I first had to remove the door stay brackets which are a stretch when the doors are on ,


and sound proofed the lower dash bit , whoops some surface rust there hadn't spotted that . Then fitted the speakers ,


and fitted the dash properly ,



it was at this point that I realised that I'd forgotten the carpet retainer strips under the dash , so had to unscrew it and slot them in. Then after a bit of a tidy up and various little jobs I started on the heater box bits , came up with this to sit in the dash and attach the ducting to ,


it slides in from the engine bay side using the original bulkhead hole surround and I was thinking of using this to seal the bottom edge ,


the original seal is not good and makes it a bugger to fit the heater box , after a few goes today I decided that it had to go . But I now thinking of welding a tunnel up that joins from the part in the pic above and into the hole in the heater box .

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